Published Stories


The Election in Babylon
Four people try to make their way through the events preceding the yearly Vote, where the people of the city put anything up to a vote. Who is married to whom, what building plans are safe, whether smoking is healthy or the wind is real, all of it is up for a vote.

Short Stories

An Afternoon Wedding
A surreal wedding that begins with the groom chained to the ground with a mahogany bit in his mouth, to protect the guests from his ravenous desire for his bride.

Through the Impossible Door
A man keeps bothering a woman who’s just trying to get through the day at a bookstore, and insists that the two of them were once trapped in a magical world together, but she lost her memory.

Thin, Verdant Hills
A waitress has just been transferred to Tuscany’s first Olive Garden, a great stepping stone in her dream to become the general manager for one of the restaurant’s locations. But clues pile up, as she finds that this perfect recreation of Tuscany isn’t in Italy at all.

Endless Violence at
A minivan bearing a decal with URL “” speeds down the highway, in its third deadly car chase within the last week. At the A-Plus At-Home Dialysis office, Sami watches grimly while her co-workers, who incorrectly believe she was behind the marketing campaign that produced the decal, blame her for the bad press.

A woman attends a concert of the pianist Franz Liszt, and experiences ecstasy and the vision of a symbol that compels her toward his future concert in London, along with all the other women who attended.

Aspirational Craniometry
Austin believes that by altering his skull shape, he can change his destiny. Measuring carefully, he squeezes his head in a vice, but finds that his luck afterwards isn’t what he expected.

In the Shape of the Emperor
After going to great lengths to survive being the emperor’s harem body double— so the concubines can stay in practice— a cautious man throws his life into danger so he can experience sex more fully.

Procreation Myth
A human woman is trying her hardest to capture Zeus’s attention because she wants to have sex with him, but her loud willingness is making Zeus uneasy.